Many patients are surprised to discover that breast revision is a fairly common procedure. In fact, it is recommended that patients anticipate having revision surgery at some point in their future. This isn’t always due to unsatisfactory results from poor surgical techniques. Statistics show that many women—either by choice or necessity—undergo breast implant exchange or removal about 10 years after their initial breast augmentation. In that period of time, the breasts may have changed, the woman’s preferences may have changed, or there may be a complication to correct. Since breast revision may likely be a consideration in your future, here are a few more little-known facts that will help prepare you for surgery.

Revision Is More Complex Than Primary Surgery

After your first breast augmentation, scar tissue is expected to develop around the implants, and scars will also form at the incision locations. Scar tissue, along with the size of the implants and implant placement, will add to the complexity of revision surgery. The procedural steps will vary from patient to patient, but in general, secondary surgery is more involved than primary surgery. If your revision surgeon didn’t perform your breast augmentation, it is advantageous for him to know some of the details of that procedure to be as prepared as possible.

The Incisions From the First Procedure Are Typically Used for Revision

Most of the time, the incisions from the initial breast augmentation procedure will be used for the secondary (revision) procedure to prevent additional scarring and even minimize the previous scars if they have spread. However, if larger implants are used or the patient is exchanging saline implants for silicone, a larger incision or a new incision location may be needed.

The Recovery Period Is About the Same

Although the procedure is more complex, recovery from breast revision is usually about the same as that of primary breast augmentation: about two weeks. The majority of bruising and swelling will subside after two weeks. Patients should follow the same recommendations to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for about six weeks.

Each Revision Procedure Is Different

Since patients choose breast revision for many reasons and since there are so many choices with breast implants, every breast revision surgery is customized. Revision due to complications, like breast implant malposition, may require removing the implant pocket and creating a new one. Larger implants will require modification of the implant pocket or placement of the implant in a new location (either above or below the pectoral muscle).

Breast Revision Before and After Photos

Dr. Doezie is highly experienced in breast revision and breast reconstruction procedures. Please view his breast revision before and after photos for an idea of the results you can expect.

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