After having breast implants for a long period of time, some patients no longer wish to have them for a variety of reasons. Many women want to have them removed in the most convenient and inexpensive way possible. In some cases, Dr. Doezie is able to remove a patient’s breast implants in our office under local anesthesia.A woman have a consultation for breast implant removal with a plastic surgeon.

In order to have your implants removed in the office, as opposed to a surgery center, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have no capsular contracture
  • Have unruptured silicone implants
  • Have a relatively small amount of breast tissue
  • Be willing to remove your breast implants under local anesthesia

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is something that happens when the scar tissue surrounding the breast implant becomes thick and tightens, causing a very firm, round looking implant. In severe cases, capsular contracture can cause pain and force the breast implant to position itself too high on the chest, leaving the breast looking deformed.

Silicone Implant Rupture

Oftentimes, when a silicone implant ruptures, patients will start to get a capsular contracture. If there is a rupture the pocket needs to be thoroughly cleaned. In this case, the patient needs to have their implants removed under general anesthesia in a surgery center to remove not only the implant, but also the thickened scar tissue surrounding it. The process to remove the scar tissue around a breast implant is called a capsulectomy, and is too invasive of a procedure to keep the patient comfortable enough under local anesthesia in the office.

Small Amount of Breast Tissue

Patients who have a small amount of breast tissue can have their implants removed in an office setting. If there is a significantly large amount of breast tissue, it is difficult to keep the patient numb enough and therefore comfortable enough to endure the procedure under local anesthesia. To determine if you are a candidate for an in office breast implant removal, call our office to get an appointment and Dr. Doezie can determine if you are a candidate.

Breast Implant Removal With Local Anesthesia

The biggest topic regarding the removal of a patient’s breast implants in the office is their willingness to have the procedure done under local anesthesia. Some people don’t like the thought of being awake and aware during this procedure. Many people have been able to have this procedure done under local anesthesia, and sometimes they take a medication prescribed by Dr. Doezie for anxiety 30 minutes prior to arriving at the office. We provide a calm atmosphere with soothing music, and always stay aware of the patient’s sensitivity. Dr. Doezie always makes sure the patient is completely numb during the entire surgery. It is normal for the patient to feel pressure during the procedure and pressure is alleviated when the breast implants are removed.

How Much Is it to have breast implants removed?

If implants are removed in our office, the price generally starts at $2,900. If the patient is not a good candidate for breast implant removal in an office setting, they must go to the surgery center. The cost generally ranges from $2,900 to $9,800; this includes Dr. Doezie’s fees and the surgery center fees, and the higher end cost accounts for combining breast implant removal with other procedures.

To get a more accurate personalized quote, patients can schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Doezie, and the quote will be given to them on the date of their appointment.

Breast Implant Removal Results

Afterwards, you can expect to see loose breast skin which will retract somewhat, depending on the skin quality or elasticity. This will occur within a month or two after having the breast implants removed. Often, patients will have their breast implants removed and wait to see how much their skin retracts and if they are happy with the position of their breast tissue. At a later date, if the patient thinks the breasts are undesirable because of a droopy appearance, they can choose to have a breast lift (mastopexy) done by Dr. Doezie at a surgery center.

If the patient is happy with their new look, they will have saved the time and money it would have taken to have the procedure at a surgery center under general anesthesia.


Allen Doezie, M.D., is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been providing plastic surgery to the South Orange County area since 2004. His office is located in Orange County, California. To schedule a consultation, please call 949-481-9850.