Gynecomastia and Male Breast ReductionMany men with overdeveloped male breasts, known as gynecomastia, feel self-conscious about their chests. Gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, eliminates enlarged male breast tissue and is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that men choose to undergo. Dr. Allen Doezie performs gynecomastia surgery to reduce the size of male breasts and to improve the appearance of the chest.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition characterized by the overabundance of male breast tissue. Men with enlarged breasts will have one, two, or all three of the following characteristics of gynecomastia: localized fat deposits on the chest, excess glandular breast tissue, and excess skin in the breast area.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After Photos

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photo

Gynecomastia often develops due to hormonal imbalances. It may also be a side effect of an unrelated medical condition or medicine taken for an unrelated issue. Being overweight or taking steroids can also lead to gynecomastia.

How Is Gynecomastia Treated?

Gynecomastia is treated with male breast reduction procedures. Liposuction can remove excess fatty tissue from the chest area. Male breast reduction can permanently remove excess skin or breast tissue from the chest.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Men who are healthy non-smokers and who are within thirty to forty pounds of their ideal body weight are good candidates for gynecomastia surgery. While gynecomastia can occur in adolescence, it is recommended that young men wait until their late teens or early twenties to consider surgery, as pubertal gynecomastia is usually temporary and may go away on its own without surgery.

What Is Recovery Like?

Patients may experience some discomfort and pain after surgery, which can be controlled by medication. Most men will feel ready to return to work one week after the procedure. It is important that patients refrain from exercising or engaging in strenuous physical activities for at least one month to ensure that their chests have sufficient time to heal properly.

Are the Results of Male Breast Reduction Permanent?

The results of gynecomastia surgery are generally permanent as long as patients maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle and avoid taking medications that may cause breast development. If gynecomastia is caused by an unrelated medical condition, the condition will need to be treated to ensure that gynecomastia does not return after male breast reduction surgery is performed.

What Are the Benefits of Male Breast Reduction?

By eliminating male breasts and improving the appearance of the chest, gynecomastia surgery can restore a more masculine appearance, self-confidence, and a positive self-image. It also allows men to wear more fitted clothing and to feel more comfortable removing their shirts at the beach, while swimming, or in other public areas. As gynecomastia may cause skin folds or creases that lead to irritation, discomfort, or hygiene issues, male breast reduction can improve comfort and hygiene. Overall, gynecomastia surgery may significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

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