What Is Earlobe Repair?

A torn or elongated earlobe is a cosmetic concern for many individuals. Intentional ear gauging or unintentional damage from wearing heavy dangling earrings can cause your earlobe to stretch or tear over time. Earlobe repair surgery can shorten an elongated earlobe and stitch a tear back together to restore a normal, pleasing earlobe appearance.

Am I a Candidate for Earlobe Repair?

You may be a candidate for earlobe repair surgery if you are unhappy with your earlobes’ size or appearance. If you have a history of keloids or suffer from severe scarring, earlobe surgery may not be right for you. Additionally, earlobe surgery candidates should be in good health and not smoke.

How Is an Earlobe Repaired?

Earlobe repair surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in a little as twenty to thirty minutes. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will trim the earlobe and stitch the two halves back together with sutures.

What Is Recovery From Earlobe Repair Surgery Like?

Earlobe surgery recovery is minimal and does not require any downtime. You will be able to resume normal daily activities immediately after surgery. You may experience redness and swelling for the first few days of your recovery, but earlobe surgery patients report minimal pain lasting only one or two days.

Over-the-counter pain medication can be taken as needed to manage any discomfort. For the first few weeks, you should avoid sleeping on your side.

What Results Should I Expect From Earlobe Repair Surgery?

After earlobe repair surgery, you should expect a pleasing earlobe appearance that you can feel confident with. If your earlobes were enlarged, you should experience a more normal earlobe size. Additionally, any previous tearing will be repaired.

How Much Does Earlobe Repair Surgery Cost?

Earlobe repair cost varies between patients depending on the extent of the correction needed. The cost depends on the techniques used during the procedure, surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, and the procedure’s location. To determine a more specific financial estimate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Doezie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Earlobe Surgery

Does insurance cover earlobe repair surgery?

Since earlobe repair surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies do not cover it.

What type of anesthesia is used during earlobe surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery is performed using local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Since you will not be put under general anesthesia, you can safely drive yourself home after your procedure.

Can earlobe repair surgery be combined with any other procedures?

Many patients undergoing earlobe repair wish to combine their surgery with another facial cosmetic procedure. Procedures commonly performed in combination with earlobe surgery include:

Speak with Dr. Doezie to determine if you are a candidate for combining your earlobe repair surgery with any of these facial procedures.

Is earlobe repair surgery the same as otoplasty?

Although they both deal with the ears, earlobe repair is very different from otoplasty (also known as prominent ear surgery or ear pinning surgery). Otoplasty is performed on children and adults to pin overly prominent or protruding ears closer to the head. This procedure does not affect the earlobes and will not correct issues with the earlobe.

Otoplasty and earlobe repair surgery can be performed simultaneously, however, if needed.

Can I wear earrings after earlobe repair?

Earlobe surgery does not affect your ability to wear earrings. However, you should wait until your earlobes are fully healed before re-piercing your ears. This can take six to eight weeks. Dr. Doezie will let you know when it is safe for you to have your ears pierced again.

What are the risks of earlobe surgery?

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Doezie, earlobe surgery is a generally safe procedure. However, with any cosmetic surgery, risks are present. These risks include:

  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Numbness

During your consultation, please speak with your surgeon if you are concerned about the risks associated with earlobe repair surgery.

Interested in Learning More?

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