Dr. Doezie has a passion for treating breast cancer patients and considers it his mission to help restore their sense of wholeness through careful breast reconstruction and enhancement. Often, reconstruction after mastectomy results in a breast that looks even better than before surgery, and Dr. Doezie finds it very gratifying to help these patients through a difficult part of their lives. He specializes in the latest techniques of reconstruction with implants, and also performs reconstruction using a patient’s own tissue. He participates regularly in educational forums for breast cancer patients at Mission Hospital and has been a featured speaker at the annual breast cancer symposium held by the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Orange County. He recently stated to a local publication, “Some of my most beautiful patients are breast cancer survivors on whom I have reconstructed their breasts. They have weathered some bad storms and truly know who they are and their place in this world.” His goal is to be the premier provider of breast cancer reconstruction for all patients.