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Coolsculpting ® in Ladera Ranch, CA

Do you have troublesome fat deposits that prevent you from having the slim, toned body contour you desire? Does your fat accumulate in embarrassing areas such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs? Do diet and exercise have little to no effect on these problematic areas? The solution: CoolSculpting®.

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It’s a quick, efficient, and non-invasive procedure that freezes and melts fat away. CoolSculpting® can correct bothersome fatty areas of the body so you can achieve that firmer, sleeker body you’ve been dreaming about.

The benefits of coolsculpting

Non surgical


results in zero scarring

Non surgical

No downtime

immediately return to your daily routine

Non surgical

Long-lasting results

prolonged satisfaction

Non surgical


many patients read, check email, or even nap during the procedure

Where coolsculpting ® treats


  • Non-invasive procedure
  • The total procedure time will depend on how many cycles needed and how many areas treated
  • Provides subtle and natural results
  • Ideal for people who are within their goal weight but can’t achieve their desired body definition
  • No incisions; zero scarring
  • The body naturally absorbs destroyed fat cells
  • Fat absorbed by the body is eliminated permanently


  • Performed under general anesthesia, the procedure is painless and can last several hours
  • Achieves dramatic results by eliminating larger sections of fat deposits
  • Targets highly specific trouble areas
  • Small incisions are used to insert the cannula and may result in mild scarring that fades over time
  • Fat is permanently removed from the body

CoolSculpting® before & After Photos

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