One of the most common reasons for breast revision surgery is the desire to change implant size because of dissatisfaction with breast size after breast augmentation. Most patients see their final results and wish they had chosen larger implants, but sometimes, patients wish for a smaller size. Other patients may have been initially satisfied with their results but changed preferences over time and now feel that their breast size no longer suits them. Dr. Doezie routinely performs breast revision for implant size change at his practice.

Changing to Larger Implants

Dissatisfaction With Results of First Augmentation

Most of the time, women choose larger implants because they wish they had chosen them in the first place. It is recommended that patients wait at least three months after their initial surgery to ensure that all swelling has subsided and that the final results are apparent. Revision to insert larger breast implants will require a larger implant pocket to be formed to accommodate the larger size and/or different shape of the new implants.

Larger Size Was Not an Option at First Augmentation

At the initial breast augmentation, some women may not have had the option to choose the large implant size they desired. Such women typically have thick breast tissue and muscle (ectomorphic) that would make larger implants appear unnatural or contribute to a higher incidence of complications. Once the implants have settled after the augmentation procedure (one to two years), the breast tissues will have stretched to provide a much more natural breast appearance with the desired larger implants.

Changing to Smaller Implants

Dissatisfaction With Results of First Augmentation

The desire for smaller implants is not common, but it does occur. Revision surgery will involve adjusting the implant pocket to better support the new smaller implants. A breast lift might also be necessary, along with a supportive mesh, depending on the patient’s skin elasticity and the size of the new implants.

Large Implants Have Become Heavy or Matronly Over Time

As breast augmentation patients age into their late 40s and 50s, their bodies change and their desires may change. Their implants may have descended with time, or they may now feel heavy and that they look matronly. These women often desire implant exchange for smaller implants. Most often, breast revision for these patients is accompanied with a breast lift to remove sagging skin and enhance fullness in the upper pole of the breasts.

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