Double bubble deformity is a term that describes a complication from breast augmentation. The implant drops behind the natural crease beneath the breast, causing bulges above and below the natural breast crease. The deformity can occur any time after surgery and is not always the result of surgical error.

Causes of Double Bubble Deformity

The double bubble complication can occur with submuscular implant placement when the pectoralis muscle stretches across the implant above the natural breast crease. It is also more likely to occur in the seldom-used technique of inserting the implants through an incision in in the navel (transumbilical). Women who receive breast implants at a young age and develop significant sagging later in life can also develop double bubble.

Other factors that contribute to double bubble deformity:

  • Oversized implants
  • Placing the implants too high within the breasts
  • Scarring
  • Capsular contracture
  • Tuberous breasts

Preventing Double Bubble Deformity

Double bubble deformity is less likely to occur with the following options:

Dual Plane Technique

The dual plane technique is ideal for patients who wish to have larger breasts but have sagging and do not want the scarring associated with a breast lift. The pectoralis muscle is released from two planes: the chest wall and the breast tissue. This forms a pocket for the implant and allows it to expand into the lower part of the breast, which makes the nipple appear higher and double bubble less likely to occur.

Appropriate Size

Dr. Doezie will take many measurements of your anatomy to suggest an implant size that will appear the most natural on your frame. You may choose a higher volume implant than suggested, but it may require lowering the natural breast fold, which can increase the risk of double bubble.

Anatomically Shaped Implants

Anatomically shaped implants are shaped more like the natural breast with more fullness at the lower pole. They are also textured and form stable, which helps to prevent any type of implant displacement.

Correcting Double Bubble Deformity With Breast Revision

Correcting double bubble deformity often requires the capsule surrounding the implant to be removed and adjustments to be made to the pectoralis muscle at the lower pole of the breast. Suture techniques reinforce the natural breast crease to sufficiently support the implant and create a natural-looking breast. A breast lift may be performed at the same time to eliminate any sagging skin.

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