Breast size and shape play the primary role in creating your attractive breast appearance. However, smaller details such as nipple and areola shape and size can affect the aesthetic look of your breasts. Overly large nipples and/or areolas can create an unbalanced breast appearance. Nipple and/or areola reduction can be performed on men and women as standalone procedures or in combination with other breast procedures to ensure an attractive, balanced breast appearance.

Reasons for Poor Nipple and Areola Appearance

  • Naturally large nipple-areolar complexes
  • Stretched areolas
  • Elongated nipples
  • Low nipple-areolar position
  • Downward nipple-areolar projection

Standalone Nipple and Areola Reduction

The size of your areolas and/or nipples can be reduced through a standalone procedure. Women typically choose this process if they are happy with the rest of their breast appearance. The length of nipples can be shortened, or the diameter can be improved. The surface area of the areolas can be reduced by eliminating a portion of the outer edge.

Combined With Breast Reduction

Women choosing to reduce the size of large, cumbersome breasts may find that they have a poor nipple-areolar complex appearance. Choosing a nipple and/or areola reduction can help ensure natural, pleasing breast reduction results.

Combined With Breast Lift

Nipple and areola reduction can be performed with a breast lift. For many women, the location and projection of the nipple-areolar complex may also need improvement. Sagging breast tissue is often accompanied by nipples that are positioned lower on the breasts or that point downward. Resizing or repositioning the nipples during a breast lift can provide more natural-looking results.

Combined With Male Breast Reduction

Men with gynecomastia or a puffy male breast appearance can have an unattractive nipple and areola shapes. Nipple and/or areola reduction can improve the male chest and create a more masculine chest appearance.

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