Have you just had scar revision surgery and wondered when you’ll see your results? Scar revision surgery improves the aesthetic appearance of a scar, but it can take a long time for the site to heal fully and for your final results to be visible. This blog discusses what scar revision surgery can achieve, how the procedure is performed, what you can expect during the initial healing phase, and how long it takes to heal completely.

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What Can Scar Revision Achieve?

Scar revision surgery can significantly improve the appearance of scars that have healed poorly.

Scar revision surgery—sometimes called scar removal surgery—is performed with the goal of making a scar less noticeable. It is important to remember that scar revision surgery does not actually remove the scar; it simply improves the appearance of the scar to the point where it might look like it’s gone but will still be there.

Although scar revision surgery is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, it can also improve movement and function, depending on whether it is a tight scar and where it is located.

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How Is Scar Revision Surgery Performed?

Scar removal surgery involves cutting the old scar out of the skin and stitching the remaining skin edges together. Typically, a revision is performed under local anesthesia for smaller scars, but being sedated during the procedure is also an option.

Initial Healing Phase

Right after surgery, your scar revision sites will be red and swollen. The initial healing phase usually lasts one to two weeks. During this phase, discoloration in the revision site will decrease, helping the site blend in more with the rest of your skin.

How Long Does It Take for Scar Revision Surgery to Heal?

Patients often have high expectations of what they will see following their scar revision. And that only makes sense; after all, they’ve seen before-and-after pictures and are looking forward to their own pleasing transformation. However, revision scars can sometimes take months—or even a year—to resolve completely. Occasionally, some scars may even continue to lighten for 15 months.

Overall, healing time depends on the scar’s size and the fact that everyone’s body heals differently. The good news is that while it may take a long time to heal, the results of scar revision surgery are long-lasting, and you can enjoy your smooth, scar-revised skin for many years.

How to Help Your Scar Revision Sites Heal Better

While healing your scar revision sites may take a long time, there are things you can do to help aid the recovery process. Many people can resume normal activities like school and work soon after scar revision surgery. However, it’s important to avoid any activities that would stretch the scar site.

If the scar is located in an area with limited mobility, physical therapy may be helpful to prevent long-term joint stiffening.

An excellent way to protect your scar healing site is to regularly apply sunscreen to avoid any permanent sun damage on the skin and use a silicone tape or gel starting two weeks after the procedure for two months.

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