Scar Revision Treatment

scar revision treatment

Many patients come to our office asking, “Can you take this scar away?” This is a common misconception. As amazing as plastic surgery is, once there is a cut on the skin, there is no magical way to make the scar disappear.

Depending on the healing process of your body and the skill of your surgeon, an undesirable scar can be improved with a surgical scar revision.

What’s Involved With a Scar Revision?

Your old scar will be excised and the new wound will be closed with 2‐3 layers of sutures depending on the severity of the scar tissue. The deeper layer of sutures are usually dissolvable and will disappear over the course of six months, while the top layer of sutures usually are removed within 5‐7 days. Sometimes, depending on location and size of the scar, Dr. Doezie will create a new scar pattern to make the scar even less visible. If you have a history of red, raised, or keloid scars, Dr. Doezie can add steroid injections at the time of the procedure to prevent this from happening. It will take 6‐12 months for the pinkness of the new scar to fade.

Who should get a Scar Revision?

Usually, people who have red, raised, wide, or indented scars are great candidates for scar revision surgery. So remember, whenever you get a cut you will have a scar. If you are having something removed or a new wound closed, it’s best to have a plastic surgeon to close it in order to avoid having a scar revision procedure later. If you have a plastic surgeon closing the cut, it will look the best it can look, and will most likely be difficult to notice. In the end, all one should see is a thin white line where the cut has healed.

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