Women with overly large breasts may not realize just how much their breasts affect their quality of life. From a disproportionate appearance to chronic pain, many of these negative side effects could be alleviated with breast reduction surgery. Here are six good reasons to consider breast reduction to improve the size of your breasts.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

1. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common symptom among women with overly large breasts. Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain may be the result of excess weight on your chest. Heavy breasts can pull you down in the front and place strain on these areas of the body.

2. Skin Irritation

Bra straps go over the shoulders to hold the breasts in a more desirable position, but when breasts are too large and heavy, bra straps can dig into the shoulders. This may cause skin irritation or even permanent indentations due to the bra straps being overtasked. Skin irritation can also occur in the breast crease due to constant friction underneath the breasts.

3. Discomfort

Overly large breasts can cause a lot of discomfort. Some women may even experience this discomfort in everyday things like wearing a seatbelt, trying to zip up a sweatshirt, or lying on their stomach.

4. Unwanted Attention

Having disproportionately large breasts can lead to unwanted attention from strangers. This can lead to feelings of embarrassment, discomfort, or a lack of desire to be in public areas. You may even feel so uncomfortable that it affects your feelings of self-worth.

5. Clothing Difficulties and Disasters

Large-busted women are not well-represented in fashion, and as a result, it may be difficult to find clothing that fits well or looks good on your body. Button-up shirts or zip-up jackets may not close properly, bras may not give the necessary support, and clothes that do fit you up top may not fit you anywhere else. You may need to frequently visit a tailor or seamstress, which is an inconvenient additional expense.

6. Physical Impairment

Large breasts can also cause physical impairment and interfere with daily activities or exercises. Lifting weights, running, playing tennis, and other athletic activities may be difficult, physically impossible, or painful.

Breast reduction surgery can resolve all of these issues. By reducing the size of the breasts, pain, discomfort, inconvenience, and unwanted attention are decreased, you will be able to exercise more freely, and your body proportions will be improved.

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