Men getting facelifts isn’t new, though women have always tended to be more likely to get facelifts than men. When men did get facelifts, it was often a secretive topic; however this has started to change in recent years. Men are becoming more open to the idea of using plastic surgery to enhance their features.

Doctors hands in protective medical gloves touching middle-aged man face over grey studio background.

Facelift for Men

Facelift surgery is one of the best ways to combat signs of aging and exhaustion in the mid to lower face area. Facelifts can help anyone achieve firmer facial skin, reduce and eliminate wrinkles and lines, reduce nasolabial folds, restore youthful facial features, and increase your confidence in your skin.

Common techniques for facelifts include fat distribution, lifting muscles, trimming away tissue, and incision placement. Your facelift procedure will be tailored to your facial contours and will be composed of customized techniques that will best suit you and your desired results.

Reasons Why Men Are Getting Facelifts

In 2020, 18,024 facelift patients were men. This recent increase in male facelift patients could be due to the pandemic allowing more people to work from home and the frequent use of video calls, causing more men to want to make changes to their faces. Remote work has also given many people more flexibility with work and being able to recover from surgical procedures in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Additionally, the topic of plastic surgery has become less taboo in recent years, inspiring many men to take charge of their appearance and utilize procedures that will help them feel like their best selves.

Restoring a More Youthful Look

A youthful appearance isn’t something that only women desire, and more men are feeling empowered to make changes to their physical appearances. It can be difficult for men to see signs of aging on their faces, especially when they think they look older than they are. Or, some men may notice wrinkles and sagging skin and no longer feel like their younger selves, making them want to restore a more youthful appearance that feels aligned with their personality.

Staying Competitive in the Job Market

Appearing older may make some men feel as though they are at a disadvantage in the job market. In today’s working world, the market is incredibly competitive, and many people view being young, full of energy, and ready to learn as positive aspects for new candidates. This has led many men to want to reduce signs of aging on their faces and appear more youthful to give them an upper hand with their career advances.

Re-entering the Dating Scene

For those starting to date again, wrinkles and other signs of aging can be insecurities they deal with when meeting new people. Facelift surgery can eliminate these signs of aging and restore not only a youthful appearance but also a more confident attitude toward one’s appearance. Many men re-entering the dating scene may find that a facelift can cause a huge boost in their confidence.

Before and after pictures of a male facelift
Before and after pictures of a male facelift 2

Male Facelifts vs. Female Facelifts: What Are The Differences?

Many of the techniques used for facelifts are the same regardless of the patient’s sex; however, different factors are considered with male patients as opposed to female patients. One of the main differences is where and how the incisions are placed to minimize the visibility of scars. For male patients, the surgeon needs to factor in shorter haircuts, receding hairlines, and bald patients, when deciding where to place the incisions.

Facial hair is another thing to consider with facelifts for men. Where the hair is located on the face will be factored in to ensure that the facelift techniques will not hinder the man’s ability to shave after surgery.

Overall, a facelift may take longer for men than for women. This is usually because they have larger faces, which will take the surgeon more time to work on.

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