Among the most advanced cosmetic skin treatments on the market today are fractional CO₂ laser treatments. Other non-surgical treatments rely on indirect chemical changes to the targeted tissues. Laser technology, on the other hand, can directly improve a patient’s skin condition.

Laser skin treatments are ideal for treating physical imperfections in the skin, from discoloration and scarring to sagging and wrinkled skin. Dr. Doezie’s laser treatments may address these concerns and more.

Am I a Candidate for Fractional CO₂ Laser Treatments?

Fractional CO₂ laser resurfacing treatments are used to treat surface-level skin concerns. These treatments can help if you have scars, skin discoloration, rough or flaky skin, and various other skin surface concerns. Patients should not have open wounds, sores, or infections in the treatment areas. People with other medical conditions that may affect the procedure should consult with Dr. Doezie.

Before your treatment, you will meet with Dr. Doezie or PA for a consultation where they will evaluate your skin and determine if laser treatments are appropriate. Certain skin types or medical conditions may cause him to recommend an alternative non-surgical cosmetic treatment option such as a chemical peel or light energy treatment (IPL). During your consultation, Dr. Doezie will listen to your concerns, create a plan to treat them, and answer any questions you may have.

How Are Fractional CO₂ Laser Treatments Performed?

Laser treatments are performed under local anesthesia, which means that the patient is awake throughout the procedure. The treatment begins with the application or injection of the local anesthetic. This numbs the treatment area and ensures the patient will be comfortable.

The laser device’s settings will be customized to match the patient’s skin type, treatment plan, and desires. The laser emitter will move over the treatment area, with lasers striking the tissue in a fractional pattern. This means that there will be areas of untreated skin on a microscopic level next to areas of treated skin. This process accelerates laser treatment recovery while also ensuring full effectiveness.

The laser bursts will remove the uppermost layer of skin from the treated area, which will remove most surface-level concerns. The skin’s underlayers will also be affected by the treatment, producing increased collagen and healthier skin as a result. Collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body to keep the skin firm and tight. Unfortunately, collagen production slows with age unless cosmetic interventions like laser treatments or dermal fillers make up the difference. Lack of collagen is one of the main reasons skin wrinkles and sags over time. Laser treatments can temporarily reverse this trend.

How Long Is the Recovery After a Fractional CO₂ Laser Treatment?

Patients will want to work from home for one week following the laser procedure. Patients experience slight discomfort, similar to that of a sunburn, immediately following the procedure. Redness or swelling will also occur. Within two to four days after treatment, patients will experience scabs flaking off as the older skin layer sloughs off. Within five to seven days, almost all patients will be fully recovered with younger-looking skin starting to appear. Patients should keep the treated areas out of direct sunlight for 14 days post-treatment.

What Are the Results of Fractional CO₂ Laser Treatments?

The initial results of laser skin treatments are visible within a week or so. At this time, patients will see a reduction in scar tissue visibility, skin discoloration, and fine wrinkles. The new skin layers will grow during this time, so patients will look younger and their skin will have a smooth, healthy glow.

Final results will take between three and six months to fully develop after a laser treatment. This is due to collagen taking time to synthesize and grow following treatment. Therefore, patients may not see significant changes to sagging skin or severe wrinkles until that period has elapsed. Many patients will require a series of treatments (between two and six) to achieve optimal results.

Most patients find that the beneficial results of a laser resurfacing treatment last around one to three years. Proper skin care, such as an at-home moisturizer regimen, proper sun protection, and skin cleanliness, can extend laser resurfacing benefits.

Laser treatments are quite popular, with many patients reporting high satisfaction with their laser treatment results.

What Alternative Skin Treatments Are Available?

If skin laser treatments do not adequately address your concerns or you are looking for different options, Dr. Doezie offers other facial rejuvenation treatments, such as:

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